ANZ Rewards Campaign

ANZ launched a new campaign in March 2017 to promote their Rewards line of credit cards. I worked with the team at The Hallway to bring the highly interactive and technical digital components to life. The executions ranged from dynamic digital display, to microsites for individual cards, to social media posts, to Westfield SmartScreens that would dynamically change content depending on their location and various current events. 

The biggest challenge on this project was to quickly and efficiently create display ad templates for hundred of copy variations from a complex message matrix. The typography for each individual line had to be kerned by hand to a high-quality standard, whilst still meeting production deadlines. 

In addition to the digital design work, I contributed to the high-resolution retouching that was done across 19 product images that were matched up interchangeably with the various display messages. 

Additional credits:
Agency: The Hallway

Art director: Tisha Lazaro
Copywriter: Siobhan Coleman