S26 Gold Hop Skip Jump responsive website is skipping along

In another slightly belated piece of news, I'm overjoyed to say that one of my final projects with DDB Sydney has gone live! This website design went through many rounds of amends to perfect, but as the lead digital designer I was very proud to see it all come together so well and for the client to be happy.

Aimed at helping new mums cope with all the unexpected surprises their toddlers can bring, the website contains a huge amount of helpful videos, insightful articles and great advice. It has been configured specifically with mobile use in mind, and the responsive capabilities mean it is easy to use even on the go.

This is another project that I will dedicate a full project gallery to soon, but for the moment I'd love for you to check out the final website at www.meandmychild.com.au.


HomeHero responsive site is up, up & away!

The moment you've all been waiting for…I'm happy to say my first major digital design project completed at Saatchi & Saatchi is live! 

The HomeHero website created for St.George has been a long project, starting it's initial planning stage a fair while before I had joined the S&S team. I was thrown on to the project when I first started and was lucky enough to be given the lead design role for the new phase of the project. Alongside the other wonderful S&S designers we created a beautiful and responsive site that allows people to easily obtain information about buying their dream home and helps them with all the financial steps in between. From mortgage calculators to property comparisons, this site will be a huge help to anyone who needs advice on the biggest purchase of their life.

Some of my favourite features of the site include the large imagery that add a sense of place and character, the clever calculator modules that are easy to navigate on mobile, and the addition of a Homely widget that adds even more value to the existing property information database

I'd love you to have a look around the website and let me know what you think! You can find it here at www.homehero.com.au.



Volkswagen website refresh goes live

Exciting news! A couple of weeks ago the website design refresh of volkswagenaustralia.com.au went live, a project that I spent several long and busy weeks on while I was at DDB Sydney. 

The project involved collaborating with the client, producer, and UX designer in order to create a more streamlined look for the website, while allowing featured content to be displayed prominently. It also required an overhaul of the existing model selector function, as it was previously looking cluttered and difficult to use.

I'm really happy to see that the new designs have been implemented and are all looking slick! I will dedicate a project page to the design work soon but in the meantime have a look at the new site and enjoy the shiny new interface!


Gumtree's Find A Gem website goes live.

At the start of the month, Gumtree's Find A Gem campaign website went live, of which I lead the digital design. It's so great to see it all up & running, and that people have started to find the gems and win prizes! This project had a really tight deadline and some complex development  aspects, so the fact that it's come together alongside the print, outdoor, and other digital campaign elements is quite exciting.

To see the live campaign site, visit: www.gumtree.com.au/cpg/findagem/

Responsive design was a really important part of this web design, and if you have a look at the website on your phone or tablet you'll see how we made all the elements work for different devices. Do you have any other examples of particularly awesome responsive sites? I'd love to know.

Gumtree Find A Gem Homepage