The freelance life

So far, 2017 has been a year of shaking up the standard routine. As you might have seen on LinkedIn, in January I made the decision to leave my Saatchi & Saatchi family of two and a half years – – and to take a risk on freelance roles. 

It's now been two months of contracting with various Sydney agencies and I have to say (ever so modestly) that I'm proud of what I've achieved in a short space of time! I'm glad to have made this fairly momentous decision of my own volition and without having it pressed on me due to circumstance, and I think that it has really been the right move for me. 

As a freelance Digital Designer I have now worked with agencies including The Hallway, Cheil, and DDB Sydney. I have had the opportunity to work on a range of projects for clients such as ANZ and Volkswagen (portfolio updates coming soon), and have also been able to utilise my UX design skills. This variety of experience is something that I'm relishing, and it's wonderful to have the chance to work with all different (awesome) teams for agencies large and small. 

The cross-pollination effect that freelancers have on the industry is a surprisingly valuable one, and already I've found it quite fascinating to see how much processes and rhythms vary across companies. While there is a huge benefit in the specificity of knowledge that long-term employees bring to the table, the ability for freelancers to bring fresh ideas and innovation into the fold is also worthwhile. I'd like to eventually go back to full-time work with an agency whose work makes my soul happy, but for right now, the freelance life isn't a bad one at all.