In May 2014 I took a course in handlettering run by Work-Shop in Redfern, NSW. I was lucky enough to be taught by Gemma O'Brien (of @mrseaves101 fame), and with the first brushpen stroke I was hooked. I find lettering to be a wonderful creative outlet from the day-to-day of client work, and have really enjoyed seeing my progression in the pieces I post to Instagram. In July 2014 I began a 365 day challenge, dedicating myself to creating a new lettering piece every day for an entire year. Now complete, I have accumulated over 1000 dedicated followers and I'm proud to have developed a new skill. You can find the challenge pieces on my Instagram page: @tiiametzke.

'Out of the Woods' was selected in January 2015 by Typism to be published in the second volume of their lettering book.

Many of my 365 challenge pieces have been reposted by various typography accounts including @goodtype @creatorshouse and @deadpenclub